May 30, 2011

Yeah, I Did It

Yesterday I spent the day cutting grass, raking up the cut grass, getting a sunburn on my face and arms while Miss Kitty spent the day up to no good.

Here's Miss Kitty:

Yes, she looks innocent enough, but she has taken destroying yarn to an art form.  What you don't know is that Miss Kitty steals more than yarn.   She steals mail, socks and little bits and pieces of toys she finds around the house that don't belong to her.   She takes them to her secret place which is moved periodically, depending on how often I check the spot (under the sofa).

Don't be fooled by this sleeping cat:

She's not asleep, just waiting for me to blink.  She can snap to, steal or chew through my yarn,  and still make it look like she's too sleepy to do anything:

Her latest crime, she stole a skein of yarn, hid it, and I can't find it, even though I've checked all of her hiding places.  Darn stupid cat.  I followed her around the house for hours, but she never led me to it.

"I didn't take it, Mom.  I swear!"  OK, with that face, maybe I didn't buy two skeins of yarn.  Maybe I was going to use ONE color to make a sock with TWO colors. I might be old, but I'm not that old.   "OK, I took it.  Now what?"

Oh, so you want to go that way with it, eh?  How about I trade you in for one of these:

I thought so.  Now go get my skein of yarn!!

(She's still holding out on me, stupid cat!)

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  1. I so love the Cat Tale series of Miss Kitty.