August 21, 2010

La La La!

I was going to brag blog about this shawl next month when it was time to enter it into the 10 Shawls for 2010, but I just couldn't wait!  I knit this shawl in about 2 weeks and it came out beautifully, if I say so myself!

This is La Cumparsita:

This shawl is for my friend Marietta who put in a special request after seeing the Spring Trellis Shawl.  (She doesn't know how that shawl drove me crazy with it's nupps and the hairiness of the yarn!).  Still, in the name of destashing, I was happy to comply with her wish for a shawl.

Part of Marietta's request for the shawl she wanted was the color, and her #3 color request was teal.  Well ... if you dim the lights, close one eye and tell people it's teal, then it is.  Right?  People have to believe what you tell them, don't they?  What color does it look to you?

That said, the shawl is done, it's pretty and soft, the pattern repeats were easy to memorize and the end result is stunning.  I'm just glad I didn't use sock yarn, although if I'd have had my druthers, I would have made this shawl with some tone-on-tone or muted colors.

Sarah's Yarns, 2 ply Mongolian cashmere
US #6 needles, approximately 500 yards
Pattern: easy, it practically flew off the needles

Next up: the Swallowtail which I started yesterday and I've only got 23 rows to go before finishing.  Yay!


  1. It's a lovely shawl, and as I said on flickr, I like the color, whatever you call it!

  2. Beautiful! I can't wait to see it tomorrow or Wednesday?

  3. Your shawl is lovely. You knit fast!