November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've got so much to be thankful for this year.  Mainly that I still have a job so I can almost afford to do the things I want to do, even if I've had to cut back a bit.  I'm grateful for family, friends, gatherings whether there's a holiday or not, and for good health.

The festivities start at 3p so I have a little time to show you what I've done - just in case you stay awake after dinner and want to read a little.

The booties that I had to make 4 times are done.  I used little flowers instead of the lady bug buttons because I couldn't figure out which way the lady bugs should face.  It was silly drama, but the bows are cute anyway.

One Bacchus sock is done.  It was a little more intricate than what I'm used to so it required me to pay close  attention.  The sock is worked from the toe up, and the heel is wrap & turn.  I don't have a lot of experience with toe up because I find it fiddly, but I got through it.

The socks are right and left specific and I got the right sock done.  This is the view from the right side of the right sock:

Here's the left side of the right sock:

The only thing I have an issue with is the hole in the heel from the wrap and turn.  I'm sure I'll figure something out by the time I get to the second sock.

I love the 3D look of the sock.  I thought there was a bobble missing, but according to the pattern I'm right even if it looks wrong.  Bobbles get annoying after a while, but they're small and the effect is cute.

So I'm thinking that I'm also grateful for being able to read a pattern, execute a pattern and make my knitting look like the picture in the book.  I'm still working on my math skills, but if I had everything I'd have nothing to look forward to.

Off to finish my dish now (baked macaroni and cheese).  It's my only claim to fame as far as meals go.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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