April 10, 2009

On Knitting

When I first picked up my knitting needles, I had no idea I would love knitting as much as I do now. I thought of it as a hobby, along with the other hobbies I tried while growing up. I took up knitting and crochet, sewing, needlepoint and cross stitch.

It never dawned on me then that knitting would become my hobby of choice and that I would spend so much time and money on it as I do. Did I ever forsee that I would give up all of my Woolworth's acrylic off-color yarn at $1.00 per skein and take up with natural wools and cottons and soy yarns? No, I had no idea.

I was happily oblivious of where I'd end up as a knitter when I was happily making multi-colored odd shaped potholders and trivets. I had no shame when I tied my dropped stitches in knots on the squares. I gave no thought to the fact that ends were supposed to be woven and that my potholders were fire hazards. Up to now, I'd try anything with regard to knitting.

Who knew that I'd be willing to give up food (cooking), water (dishes, laundry & mopping floors) and sleep (really, I have) just to get a little knitting in? I didn't know. Now hundreds of projects and more than 4o years later, I'm still at it. Still loving it.

So, what knitting sacrifice am I struggling over making that has me fairly paralyzed with fear and trembling in my knitted slippers?

One word: steeking. Am I really supposed to cut this right down the front AND twice more for sleeves?

Somebody help me! The bigger this piece gets, the more fear I have. I need help.

Anyone out there who knows how to steek, please offer me words of comfort and/or advice, or send me your address so I can farm this sweater out and get it back in ready-to-wear condition!


  1. I can't do it either...it's too scary! I'll help by lending you my sewing machine! I sew...YOU cut!

  2. I can't beleive that you have finally gotten this far and it only took you 3 years!!!(Remind me never to buy you yarn kits ever again). I will say it is looking wonderful like all your knitting projects.
    And as for cheering you on and giving you moral support... You can do this!!!!!!
    Ra ra ra... Sis boom ba... Sharon Sharon Ra Ra Ra!GOOOOOOOOO SHARON!!!!
    I have no problem helping you steek. You sew and I'll cut :)

  3. Sharon it IS possible! I was just like you (why does this sound like a commercial?) up to a week or so ago. Then I took the plunge and happily cut into a perfectly good tube of knitting (created on an antique sock machine) to make socks. I made toes, I made heels, I made cuffs. Yay! And the stitches don't all fall apart, they stay there quite well behaved, honest they do.

    Try it. You have nothing to lose but your fear! (fortunately I'm at the other side of the Atlantic if things go wrong...)