April 09, 2009

April Fool

This morning when I stepped out of my house I was surprised to see this:

My beautiful yellow daffodils sprouted out of the ugly (still brown) grass while the gray sky in the Bronx threatens them with frost or snow. The sun was shining kind of brightly (across the street from my house) when I snapped the picture, and I thought how lovely it is to see the first signs of Spring because it still feels like November (34 degrees Fahrenheit this morning)!

I hope my poor scrawny premature flowers didn't spring too soon and will fail to produce flowers when the weather really does get nice. I think they got tricked by the sunshine into thinking that was enough to make it Springtime, like I did.

Personally, I am ready for the weather to change since I find Spring is the perfect season for showing off hand knit goods. This is the perfect time to wear a lightweight sweater, or one with short sleeves, or the shawl that didn't seem big enough for anything would be perfect as a defense against the air conditioning on the subway.

This is when my creative juices get going because Spring is also the best time for me to knit. It's just the right temperature, not too hot or cold, for working with yarn.

It won't be long now before I sitting on my front steps knitting in natural sunlight. And I won't be tricked by sunshine that doesn't produce warmth.

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  1. Beautiful flowers! We still have half the backyard covered in snow, but the sunny sides now have green grass to show. The chives are almost 10 inches high. No spring flowers blooming, but I can see the greens of the tulips in the front yard! :o)