April 18, 2009

(Mostly) Finished!

Today at knitting circle, the ladies had their fair share of finished objects to show off with pride. Any time a project gets finished, there's always lots of 'ohs' and 'ahs' because everyone appreciates the time and effort that went into it. Good job ladies!

Winnie finished her baby bib and Yvonne finished her Patons slippers:

Good job ladies!

Carol finished her slippers as well:

They're lovely!

Winnie is almost finished her first slipper (pink) and Carmen R. is almost done with her first slipper as well (grey):

Keep up the good work ladies, you're getting there and doing great!

And while I finished absolutely nothing and feared boring you all to death with my fair isle project, decided to show you how much further I have to go before I finish the body part of my sweater before I get to the cutting part. I am here:

I'd like to thank Maria (who offered to sew while I cut), Aylin (who offered to cut if I sew) and Celtic Memory (who told me I am capable of doing the whole thing by myself) for their kind words of encouragement.

Just know this: I am going to do it when the time comes, but if I screw it up you will smell gasoline and see the flames on the road near my house. I mean it this time!

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