February 12, 2014

Sweater Update

I know some folks think I've given up on all but talking about the Acer Cardigan, but in fact, I've been slogging away on the sleeves in preparation for slogging away on the button band.  Just have a look at all of the yarn bands I've accumulated (except for the one Miss Kitty ate):

And as I work on the sleeves, one at a time and in the round, I figured it was time for an 'almost finished' photo update:

And then I had to do a double take because:

Holy smoke!  Have a good gander at my giant mistake that will not be covered by the button band, that is as obvious as my hands on the keyboard:

The only good thing about this mistake is that it can easily be fixed with a little snip or a giant rip back.  Dang!

So, I'm going to have some tea, knit on my sock and mope for a bit, and then tonight I'm going to do whatever I decide to do (can I farm this out and have someone else fix it?), and finish this sweater for once and for all.



  1. Well....at least you caught the mistake before you seamed the sweater. :-)

  2. WOW So far it is beautiful. Have you decided what to do yet?