December 07, 2013

Why Not?

Last week I spent five long and tiring days with my mother's dog Benjy.

Because my mother is retired, she can devote all her time to Benjy - at least until he gets tired of her.  He does not like to be alone.  He does not like to sleep, eat or play alone.  He can bark for hours, until you cave in out of sheer exhaustion.   I spent that week trying to decide what would happen to me if the dog came to an untimely, sad and completely accidental end.  After five days I came to three conclusions: I would never own a dog such as him, I would never babysit with him again, and if my mother ever leaves town and leaves him behind, I'm leaving town too.

After Benjy went home, I picked up my grand daughter and she stayed with me for four days.  What a pleasant difference!  I mean, is there really any comparison?  Absolutely not! Look at this face:

She was such an angel, and fun, and funny and cute and ... I'm too biased too go on.

My little princess came with her overnight bag which lacked suitable socks, so I figured why not make her a pair, or two?  So, on Tuesday I made her these:

Since I couldn't measure her foot (she wasn't having it!), they came out a little small.   Plain vanilla socks, US #2 needles and Artyarns Ultra Merino 4 in purple that I bought at Vogue Knitting Live in 2012.  I'm going again this year - yay!

So that she would have socks that actually fit, on Wednesday, I made her these:

Plain vanilla socks, US #2 needles and ShiBui Fluids Pebble yarn that I bought at Knitty City.  These socks are longer in the foot and fit better.  Now that I have my 'magic' numbers, I decided that one pair wouldn't do, so holiday knitting is on hold and on Thursday, I started these:

Another pair of plain vanilla socks, same needles, more stitches and made with Lollipop Yarn in the Life is Beautiful colorway.

Then I went through my stash and found all of my yarn walnuts and now I'm on a mission.

So holiday knitting is on hold while I make socks for my angel baby.

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  1. Nice! I love the socks - and it's SO important to have warm feet!