December 16, 2013

Instant Gratification

Well, I finally finished the Paraphernalia Socks:

I never had such a hard time making socks - oh wait, I did have an issue when making the Brainless Socks - but at least liked them.  These socks I don't like so much.  Not because the pattern as written almost made me have an aneurysm, but the process was grueling.

Sock number one was fraught with mistakes because, apparently, I can't count to three.  I am no longer in love with the yarn because it hung around so long and had been so many other things.  Realizing I had issues with the pattern and the yarn, I made some modifications to sock number two and it came out perfectly.  Just the right size to fit my mom.  So I ripped back sock number one to the heel, fixed the errors and modified the toe, and now they are two perfectly matching socks - with mistakes in the same place.

Lacking the fortitude to embark on yet another pair of adult socks, I decided to get myself some instant gratification by making some socks for my Princess.  Just a pair of plain vanilla socks with some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock (mediumweight) with some left-over yarn.  I'm not sure of the colorway, but I bought the yarn back in 2011.

They're little, quick to knit and I got the satisfaction of finishing something.  Thank goodness!! I was about to lose confidence in my knitting skills.

With the restoration of my confidence, I cast on another pair of socks for the husband of one of my knitting circle friends.  Cynthia's husband has been hounding her for a pair of socks.  I told her that if she finished the pair she was working on for him, that I would make him a pair too.  She cast on Socks on a Plane and this weekend she was finishing the cuffs of the toe up socks.  That means I've got to knit Peter a pair of socks.

Cynthia provided me with a tracing of his foot, and I chose the Cable Rib Socks pattern, Dream in Color Smooshy in Cloud Jungle:

Today is day one of knitting and it's going quicker than greased lightning!  I stuck that yarn pancake on my Yarn Susan purchased from The Elegant Ewe booth at Stitches East this year:

They have an online website, but the only way to get their merchandise is at a show or in the shop.  The Yarn Susan I have is metal and spins around with ball bearings and cost much less than the wood ones and you can order one from here.

Anyway, after knitting for little over an hour, I got this far:

If the rest of this sock goes as quickly I just might have to reinstate my 'sock knitting wizard' title.  If you don't hear a howling noise coming from the Bronx then that means everything is going well.  Finally.

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  1. The 'Sock Knitting Wizard' title made me laugh. I think you deserve it - just for sticking with the first pair of socks (& that yarn, that didn't know what it wanted to be!).