May 05, 2013

KAL (Knit Along)

I don't normally participate in KALs because I either don't have the materials for it, or the item is one of  the 'mystery' variety where they give clues and I don't know until I'm halfway done that it isn't an item I would ever make or wear.  However, lately I've been reading and hearing about KALs that urge you to 'make whatever you want' using a particular yarn or color.

The latest is from podcaster The Fat Squirrel Speaks (Amy Beth) who is hosting a KAL or a SAL (spin along) where the only requirement is that I use the color orange.  I did a little stash dive and guess what?  I have no orange yarn.  How's that?  I thought I had every color.  I found some orange-y fiber, mixed with other colors, but would it still be orange after it was plied.  I can't guarantee that and it looks like almost everyone else knitting with sweater's worth of orange yarn.

What I found was this Affection Set which is three skeins of yarn rolled all together into one skein, purchased at The Yarn Company:

I was going to make the Color Affection Shawl with it, but with 1200 yards of fiber I wondered how long it would take me to make the shawl and if I'd have enough time.  Still, the colors are so pretty:

Do I dare start this shawl with the fear that I won't finish in time?  I felt I had no choice.

But then, while I was looking for something else, I came across this yarn (get your sunglasses out!):

Knit Picks Felici in Rainbow.  Wow!  Does yarn get any brighter than that?  It was my intention to make a little girl sundress with it, but I need it for the KAL.

Last night I cast on the Jaywalker socks:

I need sunglasses to make them, but it fulfills the orange requirement so I'm so happy!

I'm also thrilled that Patrick's socks are finally done:

And so is the Plucky Knitter yarn I used to make them.  Sweet!  I made the socks with a skein of One Hit Wonder which had no fiber content, no yardage and no colorway, using a US #1 needle and made socks for a foot size 11 1/2/  That was a lot of knitting!

As soon as the Jaywalkers are done, I'm going back to the French Cancan - no doubt.  I will not make the Color Affection until the Cancan is done.

Unless another stash busting KAL comes along ...

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  1. Those are beautiful colors from The Yarn Company.