April 07, 2013

You Know You Have Too Much Yarn When ...

Some time ago, I made myself a promise to cut down on buying single skeins of yarn.  With that in mind, I started accumulating sweater portions of yarn because mostly, single skeins won't do for the things I want to make.

I don't know when, or what I had in mind when I made the purchase.  My best guess is that WEBS was having a sale, so when the package arrived I knew what was in it when it so I never opened it, just added it to the heap that is my yarn stash.

Today while doing some 'restashification' I found the bag, opened it and found Valley Yarns Northport in Purple Haze.  I know it looks blue and to be honest I've been on a blue kick lately, but this yarn is pale purple.

It's a DK weight yarn, 124 yards per skein, so I think I know what it's going to be.  I don't want to commit myself right here, right now, but it says it wants to be Vodka Lemonade.  Why not?  It's a top down easy knit in a color that is pleasing to the eye with no buttons and very little finishing.  Sounds like the perfect sweater.

Happily, I can't start that sweater yet because I have three things to make first.  Isn't that always the way?  Does anyone use yarn as soon as they get it in the mail or from the store - or does it sit in your stash for a few weeks or months?  I can't be the only one.

This weekend I spent with Princess Diva so my brain is on overload, I'm tired and I can use a nap or two or for two days straight..  She learned to scoot and to stand up holding onto furniture, so I spent the past two days chasing after her to make sure she doesn't pull anything down on herself.

Still, she's so cute it's hard not to forgive her for whatever she does:

Of course, I'll have to teach her to stay away from the spinning wheels ... and the cat dish ... and my yarn, unless of course she shows a great talent for knitting.  Right now, she's only interested in the lint brush and the box she's banging on which she seems to prefer over her own toys.  Too cute!

Speaking of babies, Tracy McCarthy and Jessica Peled (Knitting Brooklyn) have teamed up for Remembering Remy.  They are collecting preemie hats and donating them to local hospitals in memory of Baby Remy and her cousin Ty.  Every 10 preemie hats you knit, post in the Knitting Brooklyn forum on Ravelry, and send enters you into the drawing for a prize.  It's a good cause and I hear the prizes are great, so you might want to get in on that.

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