April 10, 2013

Not Knitting - Not A Problem

Of course I'm not having a problem not knitting.  Why should it be a bother, since I am still knitting?

Let me start at the beginning.  My physical therapist, Natalie, says that she doesn't want me to not knit since it is such a big part of my life.  She also says I'm progressing much faster than we both anticipated, I am responding well.

We need to figure out how to get my pain issue under control is all.  I compromised and now I knit two, maybe three days a week for a couple of hours only.  The rest of the time, I'm practicing my 'button pushing' on all the sites where I have things in the basket - collateral damage.

On the topic of knitting, I'm working on two things.  First, there's Patrick's socks called Celebration designed by Sock Pixie made with The Plucky Knitter's one of a kind no name or colorway sock yarn:

The sock has a mock cable all around and hopefully Patrick won't find that too 'girly':

It's a four row pattern repeat that's so easy I can practically do it with my eyes closed.  This is the project I travel with, unfortunately I've been dozing on the way home, so this is as far as I got.  Yikes!  I wish I could pick up the pace.

The second project is French Cancan designed by Atelier de Mademoiselle C and made with Elsabeth Lavold's silky wool on US #7 needles.

I love the colorway, too bad I don't like working with the yarn.  It's a little rough to work with because of the raw silk bits in the yarn.  Those bits fall off onto my lap when I'm knitting and a passerby would think I have a bad case of dandruff, but once the yarn is worked up it's lovely.

When I'm not knitting, I'm buying. Oy!  Does debtor's prison still exist?  That's where I'm going to end up.

My latest stash enhancement is some yarn from Play at Life (Etsy) called The Grey which is 100% BFL, and a generous 360 yds/skein.  I bought three lovely, squishy, soft skeins - with no project in mind:

There was a little mix up in the mail, so my order was a little delayed coming, so Chrystie (the shop owner) sent me a 'make up' skein of 100% superwash merino in DK weight called Driftwood:

OMG, I love this color!  I'm so happy with this skein I can't tell you.  It's right up my alley color-wise and it's so squishy soft I might keep it around just to look at.  It's like Chrystie read my mind, and because she was so nice and chose a colorway that is so me - she is now my new bestest friend.  Keep in mind that she doesn't know me from a can of paint!  LOL

So now you know what I've been up to.  It's slow going, but at least it's going and I'm happy (mostly) with my new pace of knitting.  The exercises Natalie gave me aren't so pleasant (they're painful and I'm lazy), but it's paying off so it's all good.

For now, I hope you're enjoying your knitting as much as I'm enjoying mine.

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