July 25, 2012

Go Team Bob!

As if the Tour de France/Tour de Fleece never happened, I signed up to do yet another challenge.  Oy!  I never learn, do I?  Ravellenic Games 2012 (formerly known as Ravelympics) starts soon and I'm so excited!

In the spirit of challenging myself, I've joined Team Bob and my project is Summer Blooms, a shawl by Susanna IC.  Woo hoo!  It's the first project I've ever made using beads and I'm dying to see how it turns out.

I was going to make it in pink and donate it to the cancer research auction, but I didn't have enough pink and I dare not buy another skein of it, so I'm going with blue.  The yarn is Athena, a lace weight yarn of 100% merino.

The Olympic games start on Friday and in preparation of tha, I bought some beads from Manifest Beads (Etsy).  She's in Connecticut so the beads came real fast:

According to the pattern, I'm supposed to add the beads to the shawl as I go instead of stringing them, and I know there's a good reason why, but all I could think about is not being able to get the beads on
at all or being slowed down trying to string 275 beads with dental floss.  As if I want to deal with 275 beads worth of delays.

The rule is that I can start knitting when the torch is lit on Friday, July 27th and I stop when the torch goes out 17 days later.  Can I do it?  Hopefully I can.

Are there really 275 beads on the yarn?  I have no idea because a) I'm really, really, really bad at math and b) I lost count while stringing the beads so I'm hedging my bets by leaving the needle on the yarn until I have a chance to count the beads.

After this challenge I can go right back to knitting my mother's sweater, Cora, which has been hibernating for the past two months.  I should have made that my Ravellenic challenge.  Oh well.

I wish good luck to all of my teammates!

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