March 05, 2012

Helix, You Saved Me!

Some time ago (a year or so) I went to the WEBS site and saw some yarn on sale.  Clearly I had lost my mind because when the package arrived, I not only didn't remember ordering the yarn, but I didn't like it.  Where was my brain that day?

I purchased one skein each of Elegant Yarns Athena lace weight in (for Pete's sake) pink and blue:

It's as thin as sewing thread and not my favorite pink.  I don't know what I was thinking or what I saw that made me buy this.

To further my spin into madness, I also purchased two skeins of Rozetti Polaris in (disco) etoile:

Really, does this even look like yarn I'd buy?

Enter my Aunt Joan who works at a hospital in Maryland who told me in November, December, January and February that she needed a hand knit to auction off at a fund raiser for breast cancer research.  Her only requests were that it be handmade, some version of pink and it doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Her last call was to find out what progress I'd made since the deadline is April 15.  Yikes!

I did a hunt and find for a US #5 needle that was missing and found the above yarn in the 'I'll never use these' bin.   They finally had a purpose.  I held the two yarns together to make my project.

Yesterday I started on the Helix scarf.  It's a little something that is handmade and has pink:

OK, so it's a little 'disco', but it'll do the trick, hopefully.

So I owe a special thanks to WEBS for selling me this yarn that I turned my nose up at, to Sojourn Knitter, for giving me two skeins of Cascade 220 in pink that I didn't use (but may still), and to Joyce, for making the Helix scarf about 10 times already.

Whew!  I just might make the deadline.

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