March 16, 2012


Going to work every day means I have to walk past my patch of front yard and look at the dead grass and the stems from the chicks & hens that I didn't clean up in the Fall.  It's a pathetic sight.  We had a couple of warm days when I could have gone out and tidied up a bit, but I didn't.  Yard work isn't my idea of fun after a hard day at work.  But I figure I have time before I really have to do something about it.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this:

And this:

I adore Spring.  Pretty flowers and a chance to wear sweaters instead of coats.

And speaking of Spring, remember that little trip I took to String (the yarn store) and I bought two really bulky yarns?  Well, they became something.  I borrowed some US #35 needles from Joyce and took that skein of yarn with me to lunch:

An hour later I had a cowl called Kimbo which is being modeled here by Sanja:

Here's the one I made on Tuesday past being modeled by Anna:

And lest you think they are the exact same cowl, here they are together:

The yarn is Riviera and each cowl used one skein.  The needles are US #35 and the pattern is Kimbo, which I couldn't find online, but it's the same as this one, only I cast on 9 stitches.

The only problem was that my cast on row had 9 stitches and my bind off row had 17 or 18 stitches, so on the last row, I reduced my stitches to 9 and sewed the ends together, but you can do a 3 needle bind off if you wish.

The blue cowl went to Sanja, she was leaving for home this evening (she lives in London, England)  and I imagine it'll keep her neck warm during her flight.

I think joining the Ravelry group 12 in 2012 was the best thing to happen to me.  I can commit to 12 small projects in 12 months easily and I've already made April's project in March.  I'm ahead of the game for once.

Now back to my sock.


  1. They both look amazing! How do you deal with the ends in a project like that?

    1. With the right side facing, I stitched the 'inside' legs together. But honestly, the seam in a design element so you can sew it any way you want, or use a three needle bind off.