November 13, 2011

Heap O Green

This is a fly by blog for Tracey aka Anonymous T.  I know you think I've been slacking on my Holden shawl, but I have been working on it.

My brain must be muddled because for every 4 rows I knit, I have to rip back 3.  Oy!  At any rate, progress is being made.
Tonight, however, is a bust because I've been watching (geek alert) The Lord of the Rings.  Turns out I can't watch the movie and read the chart at the same time!  Duh!

Anyway, here's the heap:

P.S.  Thanks to Shameka for mentioning that blogging from my phone was possible and to Sojourn Knitter for making me do it.


  1. you go! LOVE the color! I've been slacking too. I haven't blocked it yet. I can't find the time nor the space these days (kids are super sick, so laundry is piling up...i block in the laundry room). KEep it up!

  2. Those are interesting looking needles you've got there! The color of your shawl is lovely.