April 09, 2011

Knitting Never Stops

I knew it was going to happen.  The people in my office have been coughing, sneezing and missing work for weeks now, and it finally caught up with me. And here I thought I was immune.  Not a chance!

So even though I've a headache, sore throat and joints, headache and various other complaints, I'm still knitting.  My needles almost never get a break, poor things.

Kai Mei from Cookie A's Sock Innovation are done.  Here they are in Blue Moon Fiber Arts lightweight in Korppi (which looks like eggplant).  The yarn bled all over my hand while knitting, but the socks turned out nice enough.

The ladies in the knitting circle asked 'who would want socks with holes in them?', but I guarantee, the lace is only on the side and the top of the foot. Honest.

So now I'm up to the next sock in the 2011 sock challenge: Little Acorn Socks by Joanna Ryan.  The pattern is no longer available online.

I started last Saturday, and I'm up to here:

This sock is crazy easy, but there is ONE little thing: when turning the heel, I would suggest on row 2 that you slip one, purl 4 (not 3) and adjust the number on all subsequent rows.  These socks are being made with Cascade Heritage yarn which is on the thin side, but they are a perfect weight for summer.

My next pair of socks will be Blackrose which can be found on Knitty's website.  After they're made we'll see if they're eligible for the sock challenge.  I just happen to really like them.

Lastly, I watched a DVD of Margaret Stove spinning lace and I was gobsmacked! I didn't know where to look first and it was like watching magic happen right before my eyes!  Total awe.  You should see how far she makes ONE lock of sheep fiber go.  Wow!  I'm going to try it on my new wheel as soon as I put it together.

What?  Didn't I mention that I got a new spinning wheel?


  1. I love Kai Mei socks, they have just enough lace work. I don't like too lacey socks either. I've just finished a pair of socks knit with Cascade Heritage sock yarn (used for the first time) and I loved knitting with it.
    What, a new spinning wheel? Which one?

  2. Ugggg I need help finishing my socks.. I still on the first foot and at the heel..

    See you at the group Saturday..