March 01, 2011

One Thing At A Time

The first time I made Nutkin socks, they were a Christmas present for my sister.  I coveted them and swore I'd make a second pair for myself.  I tried.  The second pair of Nutkin socks went to my son, Jason.  I don't mind much that he has Madelinetosh Sock on his feet instead of mine or that he's enjoying wearing the socks (clean or dirty - ew!).  He loves them, and that's what matters.

I also made him a pair of socks with some Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn (mediumweight) with a pattern I made up.  He doesn't mind pink, or flowers, or mismatched socks - as long as they're handmade.

To make it up to myself that in two months I made two pairs of socks and they both went to my darling son, I decided to make myself a pair of socks - for real this time.  Wanida socks from Cookie A's Sock Innovation:
Yeah, about that.  I'm not having any problems understanding the pattern:

It's not Cookie's issue, it's mine.  Totally mine.  The pattern is written in English, a language I understand and use daily.  It's me.  I can read, I just don't always do it because I  know everything all the time.   Yeh, right.   That's why there's these:

Thanks Joanne!  The Madeleines are lovely with coffee.

Moving right along.  I made and scored some lovely new items just in case my to do list gets less than 200 items on it.  New books:

Think Outside the Socks has some patterns in it that have me drooling!

One of my co-workers went on a ski trip at Lake Placid and right there on the premises they had a yarn shop.  Imagine that!  She thought of me and bought me this:

Woo hoo!  Thank your Boriana!  It's real yarn and needles and they even included a free pattern with the yarn.  If I ever go skiing, I'm going to Liberty's Yarn Shop.  She's also on Etsy.

Joyce, my at work knitting buddy felt the urge to purge and I inherited a couple of goodies from her:

It's a pile of Trendsette yarn and a pair of fancy pants scissors (which I honestly needed!).  I can never find scissors and these are small enough to carry around in my knitting bag.  Woo hoo!  Thanks Joyce.  While I've never worked with ladder and ribbon yarn before I can't wait to get started.

And I also scored some Cascade Heritage sock yarn from Soujourn Knitter's personal stash.  Yay!  I have just the pattern for it:

That's Miss Kitty trying to model her 'foot' so she can get a sock out of the deal.  Hahaha!  Not likely! 

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