February 28, 2011

Dye Petrified!

As much as I love yarn, and I really love good yarn, I've often wondered if I would perhaps love it more if I dyed some myself.  I've wanted to, I've even knit swatches meant for the dye pot, and then I chickened out.  My biggest fear is that my knitted piece would melt, felt, disintegrate, or otherwise be ruined.  I was also afraid that I would gas myself, set the house on fire or permanently dye my hands.

With all that fear burning bright inside my head, I took the plunge anyway.  I silently prayed that my son wouldn't wake up and find me high on fumes.  So, I took my little swatches, one white Lion Brand merino, the other Lion Brand sock yarn (donated generously by Joanne from knitting class).  What could go wrong?  I soaked the swatches for about 30 minutes:

I wanted to see what the swatches would look like if I dyed them blue:

And such a pretty  blue too!  So I dunked the swatches and I learned that white yarn/fiber will be whatever color you dye it:

But the hand painted yarn will be whatever it will be:

I don't know what color this swatch is, but now I know not to mess with Lion Brand's sock yarn!  I should have soaked the swatch in bleach first.
Now I'm less afraid to dye anything because the hardest part of dyeing is getting the color you want.  I'm at the take what you get stage.

Moving right along to the sock challenge - well, let's just say that almost everyone is still on their first Nutkin sock.  Seems the heel/toe is a hurdle.  Joanne is on sock #2, but Tracy managed to finish both socks.  Yay!

I hijacked her picture from Ravelry where I saw she has some pretty clever creations on her page.  Wow T!  Lovely socks!

My Nutkin socks are done and they spend plenty of time warming my son's feet.  I'm jealous that I don't have a pair, but I'm working on Cookie A's Wanida socks (couldn't get a link) for me.  I've ripped it back several times and I have one thing to say, "Cookie A - call me."  I'm stuck on the math part!!  Oy!

I finally found some ribbon in the color I want to finish baby Remy's sweater:

I'm hoping the wrap style means the sweater will still fit her!  Yikes!  I have to pull out the sewing machine to sew on the ribbons, but it won't be tonight.  I got home too late and I need full concentration to sew straight lines.  I can't sew for beans.

Well, that's it.  Anyone with insight into the Wanida socks, drop me a line.  I'm struggling!


  1. OMG! The second sweater is just as pretty as the first one you knit for her! I love it! And don't fear. She's 11 months but only the 3rd (yes 3) percentile for height and weight. a little peanut that takes after her mom (NOT!!).
    I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Hurray! YOu finally did it! Dyeing is not so scary, isn't it? :o)