February 12, 2011

Where Ya Been?

Dear  I've missed you, and I know if you weren't inanimate, you'd say you missed me too.  A couple of my readers have asked where I've been lately, how come no new posts, but I don't think they realize that all I've been doing is snow management and housekeeping. 

I went to the Vogue Knitting Live event at the Hilton Hotel in New York.

Where I heard the Stephanie Pearl McPhee lecture about Your Brain on Knitting.  It was technical and humorous, and I showed up with no camera.  Lord, spare me my forgetfulness!  I also took a class with Meg Swanson and Amy Detjen, and what they shared about fair isle knitting I couldn't have learned if I'd read a thousand books.  It was inspiring.

And then the second snow storm came and was it a doozie!  I couldn't get out of my front gate!  I had to have my son climb the fence and shovel the other side so I could get out.

That was the pits!  And there was no way to get to the grocery store since my car was a little buried.  The picture was taken from the sidewalk side.  You don't want to know what the street side looked like after the plows went through.

A good samaratin helped me dig my car out.  A woman good samaritin.  All the men drove past me while I was struggling to pile the snow into a bank that was taller than my own five feet.  One would think I'd have spent my time being stranded at home knitting, but I didn't.  I had some serious housekeeping to do.

The ladies in the knitting circle got farther along than I did.  Cynthia finished her Multnomah:

It is lovely!  And if you can't beat that with a stick, she got quite far with her Nutkin sock:

So did Winnie:
And so did Carol:

And while Renee didn't get far, she made some serious progress (considering she ripped the sock back and started again:

And last, but certainly not least, Mary Jo made her first sock:

It doesn't fit exactly, but she made it!  Mary Jo you done good and you should be proud of yourself.  One day you're going to make a great pair of socks.

And so ends the day.  I'll have something to show for myself as soon as I get my knitting mojo back.  It won't be long now because I can feel the weather changing and I smell Spring in the air.  If the snow in my front grass ever melts I might see the first signs of Spring.  Oh, I hope so!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I commented. Did you delete it? How come my sock didn't make it to the blog? Come on. I worked long and hard on those socks!!!