April 03, 2010

Red Hot

When I signed up to participate in 10 Shawls for 2010 on Ravelry I thought it would be a cinch.  My first shawl was Multnomah which is quick and easy, so easy I made it twice (but only once for the contest).   I had a skein of my own handspun, Dried Flowers,  which I was so happy to see go out of my stash I nearly did a happy dance - which, let me tell you, is not pretty.

My second shawl was Percy where one too many yarn overs had me pulling my hair out.  But it turned out perfectly (after I unknit about 20 rows).  It turned out so pretty I was tempted to make it twice, but I'm all about forward motion so Percy II will just have to wait.

And so we get to my third shawl - a mystery shawl.  I purchased some yarn from Sarah's Yarns called Ruby Red, it's 60% kid mohair and 40% silk.  Mohair is usually kind of rough, but the silk toned it down a lot:

It's kind of a berry color, and really, really hairy which means no ripping back.  Fortunately for me, I chose a pattern that is relatively simple:

I cast on tonight and, merciful heaven, there's only 2 charts to follow. Yay!  The pattern says to repeat chart #1 as many times as I want, which in my case means I can knit the chart until I start looking for the gasoline, or until I think the shawl is big enough.  That's great news for me.

My only concern is that the shawl is red and hairy and I won't know if I really like it until I'm well into it.  It's going to need a home because I can't think of anyone who wants to wear a red, hairy (but soft) shawl.  Where does one wear a red shawl anyway?  Do I make it and give it away with a Christmas tree shawl pin?  I can't think about it right now, but I'll find someone whose favorite color is red and who will wear a shawl.

Since I must have some angst in my life, I'm giving myself two weeks to make this shawl because I want to make something besides a shawl this month.  I need more hand knit socks, and I have a baby item on the needles that I need to get done before the baby outgrows it.  You hear that Anonymous T?

Since my plate is full again, I'd better get started.


  1. That red looks lovely. Has it really a shine, or is it the flash? I've got some similar yarn in my stash, it was a gift, but it's without silk, and more raspberry colored, and it's so thin!
    Why is it a Mystery shawl, and what's it's name?

  2. The yarn is absolutley gorgeous. I admire your determination!