March 31, 2010

I'm a Genius!

I spent more time knitting the Percy shawl than any shawl I ever knit in my life.  I suffered angst, sadness and disappointment, not to mention that I spent as much time knitting backwards as I did knitting forward.  It was a mess.  I was about to give up (no I wasn't!), but I carried on.

And then, almost without notice, I was on the last row.  Well, how did that happen?!  I was thrilled!  So I present for it's debut, Percy:

In all my shawl knitting life, I've never made a more pretty shawl!  I love it!  Just look at those patterns!  I'd keep it, but I can't.  It was supposed to be done in December, but I digress.

Isn't it pretty?

Even the nupps came out evenly.  I'm impressed and I would have run up and down my block yelling with joy, but it's probably not safe, considering I'm in my pajamas and it is pretty late at night.

Not all was a bed of roses, though.  While I was blocking the shawl, I noticed a little 'error':

Oops!  Apparently in my rush to finish I must have dropped a stitch!  Yikes!  But, I pulled out my handy sewing needle and a small crochet hook and I went to work - sweating bullets the whole time.  Victory was mine, though:

And so the saga of Percy ends.  I'm glad it's done, it's beautiful and I'd knit it again (next year - maybe).  This makes shawl #2 out of 10.


Whew!  Now onto the next ...


  1. It really IS a beautiful shawl, and I'm so impressed that you stuck with it, even with all the trouble it gave you.
    Very clever to rescue that lost stitch that way! I'm glad for you that it's over, and you can move on to your next project. :o)

  2. You rocked that shawl,how pretty! I knew that you would be victorious!