April 14, 2010

Spring Trellis Shawl

Well, shawl number 3 is well under way.  According to the rules, I must make two shawls that use 546 yards, and this is one of them, the Spring Trellis Shawl (free pattern available on Ravelry).

At first I thought there were 2 charts, then I thought there were 3.  I was comforted thinking that I was at the end of the shawl journey.  I was so close ...

Then I found out that chart 3 has to be repeated twice and there are nupps which make it very slow going:

And there I was, jumping for joy - until I found chart 4.  Oy!  The good news is that this shawl will fill the requirement to make two large shawls.  The yarn is lovely to work with, but thin, thin, thin!  It's from Sarah's Yarns, and it's called ruby spice.

My only concern is that this shawl, so far, doesn't have a home.  It's not as bright as as a harlot's fancy red go to church bloomers, but red enough.  It's hairy and has a nice little halo going on.  It's soft as a baby's bottom, though.  I'm quite surprisd that the hair hasn't been flying and that my clothes are not covered.  Maybe it won't shed.

Either way, I'm mostly done and the shawl is coming out very nicely.

So there we are.  I'm proud of myself for being faithful to this project, but I can't wait until it's over.  My next shawl is going to be one chart, one stitch, no nupps and I'll be able to make it blindfolded!  Hah!

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  1. It already looks like a huge shawl, even withouth blocking! Oh, once you find THAT shawl pattern, let me know. I'd love to try to knit one blind folded some day! :o)