March 08, 2010

Spring is Coming!

Yep, the weather is finially taking a turn for the better.  The sun has been shining and much to my surprise, on Saturday when I went outside and looked at my poor dead grass, I saw this:

That's the start of my day lilies which come up every Spring thanks to the previous owners of my hut house.  Every year the bright pink flowers come up and cause me to sneeze like there's no tomorrow.  Still, I forgive them because they're so pretty.

Since Thursday I've been working on the Percy shawl.  It's so pretty, but I didn't do what I tell the ladies in the knitting circle to do before they start any pattern - read the instructions first, to make sure you understand what the designer wants you to do.  Did I do that?  NO!  If I'd known there was a lace pattern to knit on the knit and purl side, I'd have done something easier, but you know how I love a challenge.

Still, the shawl is pretty and it's coming along (slowly):

This is shawl number 2 of my 10 shawls in  2010.  I wish my camera took a picture closer to the true color of the shawl which is a lovely lilac, not the blue in the picture.

I haven't touched my mother's sweater since the first day of the Olympics, but I'm going to get to that as soon as I do this shawl.  Maybe.  It's an awfully big project.  Hopefully I won't get distracted by some other pretty little thing.

Don't forget that on Sunday morning, when you wake up, it'll be an hour later than you think.  Spring is when we move the clocks forward - and lose an hour of sleep.  But we'll wake up to sunshine and for some of us, it means we'll get out of work in the sunshine too.  Yay!

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  1. I like the color in the picture, even if it' snot the real shade. Pretty shawl though. Hope you'll get it right.
    Darn daylight saving time, I don't like it, but I can understand, that others who have to work during the day enjoy it.
    Please take some pictures of you flowers, once they bloom, since I don't know what they look like!