January 23, 2010

Yes? No?

Today was my one day round trip to North Carolina to pick up my great niece, Mikenzie.  She's only 2 months old and she was such a good baby on the plane - because she slept through the entire flight.  Those are the kind of babies I like.  The sleeping kind.

Before I got there, I was working on a pair of 'ski socks'*.  They're for David at my job, who made it clear that a pair of conservative brown cashmere socks was not what he was looking for.  So I decided to jazz them up a bit.

Is it too much?  You can be honest - I won't get mad.  The contrast is so sharp, and I wasn't overly thrilled with the choice of green merino as a contrast for brown cashmere/merino, but the look grew on me.  So, my question is: is it too much for a man to wear?  Keep in mind that he asked for loud.  He asked for unconventional.  But the colors beg the question - where can he wear these socks?

I didn't get much done, I spent way too much time walking 18 miles to get from the airport to my gate, and then walked another 84 miles to get my luggage while carrying a baby when I got back to NY.  Now that I'm home and looking at the sock, I'm feeling insecure about my choice of colors.

I'm going to mull a bit over the socks, which I can reasonably get done by the middle of the week once I've made up my mind about what to do.

Meanwhile, I got a bunch of packages in the mail yesterday that threatens to interfere with my sock progress.  Book #1:

I've wanted this book since the day it was released, but I had to wait for it to go on sale and it finally did.  Yay!

And in the same box, book #2:

Woo hoo!  Now I can 'loom' to my heart's content!  I'm going to make a bunch of stuff now so look out!

And in yet another box came:

Valley Yarn in the colorway linen purchased on sale from WEBS.  This is for Mom's Mondo Cable Cardi which I'm going to make for her birthday (Feb. 26).  Which means I have a lot of multi-tasking to do.

Fortunately for me, tomorrow I can do whatever I want all day long because it's going to rain and I'm using my one day trip all the way to Raleigh, NC as an excuse to say 'no' to everybody for at least one day.  I'm giving myself a freebie.

So, off I go.  Got lots to do and virtually no time to get it done.

Happy knitting/spinning/'looming' to you all!

* I think cashmere isn't a good idea for ski socks, unless those so-called ski socks are going to be warming some feet by the fire at the ski lodge.  Am I wrong?


  1. I'm glad you made it back in one piece! I love your color combination of the socks, and I think he'll like them, because they are not boring brown socks! I think I'll use this green/brown combination in the future myself.
    How do you like your new knitting book?
    Now there's nothing in your way to knit up a storm, maybe just the lack of time?!

  2. I love the color combo but I am very partial to brown with green. I think they're gorgeous! I'm not sure cashmere is ideal for ski socks if they're actually going into ski boots for that it should probably be a sport or worsted weight wool but for the lodge it's perfect!

  3. I think your color choice is great. Men have so few opportunities to be colorful when it comes to clothing, socks are about the only place where they can have fun! I can hardly wait to see them finished!