January 21, 2010

Tiny Stitches

My Triangle Summer Shawl is coming along, but after a weekend of knitting tiny stitches on my tiny needles, I needed a break.  Not to mention that nupps are a pain in the hand.

So ... on Monday I dug in the cabinet where my mentionable fiber is (my unmentionable fiber is stashed in a few other places) and dug up some fiber from Desert Peach Farm & Fiber.  I'd promised Jeanette from knitting circle that I would spin her enough yarn to make herself a pair of socks.  This is what I got:

I was sure I started with more orange than lilac, but it's pretty all the same.  I think it's suitable for a pair of socks, or a pair of mittens, if she so chooses.

I'm not sure of the yardage, I just know it's enough to make a pair of ankle socks:

And, if I say so myself (since I am the only one saying anything at all), it came out pretty good.  As usual, I wasn't happy with the first spin, but after Navajo plying, it turned out to be pretty even - mostly - and should knit up pretty nicely with a size US3 or US4 set of DPNs.  You hear that Jeanette?

So, here's hoping it's truly enough for a pair of socks, and a pretty pair at that.

Now back to my shawl.

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  1. It turned very well! Navajo plying smoothes out uneven spinning, as I've experienced many times. :o) Will we be seeing the FO of your friend one day? I hope she likes it.