January 10, 2010

What Joy!

I finally finished the Knotty or Knice socks.  My goodness, it never takes me this long to make a pair of socks, but I failed to teach myself to cable without a needle and that was the hold up. 

They were worth the effort because they're for my mom, but it'll be a very cold day before I make another pair.  All those little crossed stitches were a pain in the rear, but I like the finished look.  I used Jade Collection sock yarn from Sock Pixie and US #2 needles.  Everyone should have a pair of green socks!

Now that the socks are behind me, I figured I'd get started on my shawl.  I cast on the stitches and did two rows before I realized I had miscounted the stitches, so I ripped it out.  After casting on and being careful to count slowly, when I got to the design of the shawl, I had too many stitches, so I ripped it out again.

I took a nap, I ate some dinner, I watched TV and then I assumed the knitting position again.  Just because my lips can count to 100 doesn't mean my brain can.  There is apparently a disconnect somewhere, so I gave up the shawl.  My go-to solution when I'm having a bad knitting day is socks.  I can  make socks, and I often do when all else fails.  So I tried to cast on for a pair of socks, and lost interest quickly.

Maybe my glasses don't work, maybe my brain is on vacation.  Whatever it is, knitting yesterday was a bust. 

I figured since I was on a losing sttreak with knitting, I might as well try something else.  Since I am the proud new owner of an Ashford 24" rigid heddle loom from Copper Moose, I figured I'd go assemble it figuring I'd probably never get to the weaving part.  I was wrong!  I assembled, warped and wefted successfully.

Yesterday at knitting circle someone donated yarn on cones which I quickly snatched up.  And I had some Yarntree alpaca that had been laying around here since Moses crossed the desert.  I set up and in an hour I had half a scarf.  Today I finished it.

It's not going to be featured in any magazine, but I'm pleased as punch!  You can probably play Where's Waldo with the mistakes, but who cares!  It was a learning experience, I'll do better next time and it won't have any mistakes, but for now, it'll do. I promised Monika that she would get the first thing off my loom, and so it's hers (whether she wants it or not!), and a promise of better looking dish towels in the future.

So, I'm off to try counting again.  I've got shawls to make!

1 comment:

  1. She wants it! :o)
    I love your new socks! They look great! Very pretty stitch pattern.
    It's unbelievable to me, how fast you were from setup to finished first scarf! You make it sound so easy, that I've new hope that I'd do this at some point myself.
    Have fun with your new toy! :o)