December 12, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

These two boxes have been sitting by my front door for more than a week now.  I know what's in them because I ordered them from the Woolery. I was supposed to spend the wheel money on a new back door for the house, but who needs a door when you have enough money for a wheel and not quite enough for a door?

C'mon!  By my way of thinking, if the criminals think my back door is closed, locked and secure then there's no reason why I can't have a wheel.  Besides, I figure the booby trap by the back door (the litter box) is security enough.

So, what's in the boxes?  Well box number one contains this:

My brand new Lendrum DTC!  Right there in the box that was by the door - for a week.  How in the world did I resist this?!  And not 5 minutes later, I had this:

And it came with a whole bunch of other stuff: a lazy kate, a jumbo flyer and a fast flyer.  All that lovliness stuffed in the box by the door.

After everything was together, I went to the used-to-be curio cabinet which now houses so much spinning stuff that I'm embarrassed to invite people over for dinner!

And I found some combed merino top and spun just a little:

The second box contained my carrier and the half pound of cotton I ordered so I can practice on my charkha.

And since I opened the boxes while my son was at the movies, I knew I'd have to pack it up before he got home or else he'd start getting on my nerves about why there's no money for a Wii.  So quick as a wink, I packed up the wheel and put it up.

Since I'm sure my son has absolutely no interest in my blog, I'm going to tell you where the wheel is, just in case I forget. It's in the spare bedroom (one day to be my craft room), under the bed.

Of course, this means I can only spin on the wheel when he is out (likely) or after I buy him a Wii (unlikely).  It's not up for negotiation since I'm the one with a job - and money.  He's broke.

So Happy Thanksgiving/Easter/Birthday/New Years & Merry Christmas to me!

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  1. Congratulations! And being a teenager, I'm sure he wont even miss the packages gone from the door. :o)
    When I see others getting a new spinning wheel, I want another one too, but I will restrain myself (for now).