December 12, 2009

From Zero to (Almost) 3

I didn't think I'd be able to get any handmade gifts made in time for Christmas this year, but I was wrong.

Odessa's hat and mittens are done:

If I had more of this color yarn, I'd make her a scarf, but no such luck.  That's the problem with having just one skein of a certain yarn or color.  This set is kind of boring, and it needs something which I will think up after I get done with my knitting frenzy.

There was no pattern for the hat, I just cast on 80 stitches and after the basic 2x2 cuff and 5 inches of stockinette, I used the same bind off as for the mittens.  The only modification was when binding off, I knit only 1 row (instead of 3) between bind off rows.

I used Wool-Ease in cranberry, I skein, needles US size 4 and each item was made in one day of knitting.

That done, I cast on Nutkin for my sister:

This sock is incredibly detailed, but so easy they're a pleasure to make.  I thought I'd make them for myself, but it's too close to the holidays for me to be knitting for myself.  Besides, I was gifted some Madelintosh and if I still want a pair after I make these, then I can do it after Christmas.

For this pattern I'm using Smooshy Dream in Color in a color unknown to me because I lost the label.  Let's say it's like a coffee bean color.

As soon as I'm done here, I'm going back downstairs to finish sewing the lining in the Sipalu bag for Mom.  One more present done.

So little time, but so much to do!  But at least I'm able to hang on to my handmade pledge.  That's one less trip to the mall.  Yay!

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