December 26, 2009

After Glow of Christmas

Well, I thought that I'd be too tired to even have a desire to knit, but that is not the case.  It seems that since the push is over to get things done, the adreneline rush is still on.

Last night I finished the entrelac hat and scarf set:

The scarf was made earlier this year from the Easy Entrelac pattern at the Knitting Daily site, the hat pattern came from a book called Knit or Crochet.   The yarn is Kauni (EJ, I think) which was leftover from my Nana's shawl and there's still plenty left over!  I used US #2 needles and thought that would see the end of the yarn, but no.

Then, I cast on another pair of socks because my mother threatened to confiscate for her very own a pair of socks I made for my sister for Christmas.  The Nutkin socks were a big hit and my sister loves them, unfortunately so does my mother who thought they were for her!  So, to heal my mother's covetous heart I cast on a pair of Knotty or Knice Socks for her:

I'm using some yarn from one of Sock Pixie's collections, this is Jade, I think.  I'm using US #2 needles and the pattern is easy enough if you know how to knit cables.  The whole sock is a little fiddly, I'm not great at toe up socks and there's busy work on almost every row, but the overall effect is worth the effort.  I only have a week to make them before my sister's socks are in danger of disappearing from her sock drawer!

Tomorrow I'm going to work on the sock, go on the great pattern hunt for a shawlette, and hunt for a pattern for socks to make for me since I"m down to 2 pairs of hand made socks, one for Saturday and one for Sunday.  That situation needs to be rectified, really.

Happy day after Christmas to all!

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  1. That's a lovely Kauni colorway. Don't you find it a little scratchy for close to the neck? That's what's keeping me from knitting one Kauni scarf after another. But I was told that I'm a Mimosa, because of that.
    You always find the prettiest sock patterns! I never looked twice at them in the magazine, but since you choose green, I think they look wonderful!
    I've been gifted green sock yarn this Christmas, and after I'm finished with the Chevron mittens, I think I'll knit a pair of socks.
    You mom is lucky to have such a nice knitter as daughter! But it's also nice, that your knitting is so sought after.