September 13, 2009

The Dedication is Paying Off

I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere!

Audra's Baltic Sea Stole is coming right along, and after a week of knitting I'm on the fifth set (of 13). Yay!

I've been extra careful to pay attention to my stitch and row counts, and while I have NO intention of drawing the attention of the knitting gods, there are no mistakes in this shawl. I didn't have to rip it back once.

Thank goodness The Lord of the Rings is on, too. I've only seen the movie EVERY time it's aired, and though I might not be able to watch it, I love hearing it. Isn't Aragorn dreamy?

Oh ... did I say that out loud? Geek alert! I'm making myself cringe!

Here's the shawl waving good-bye. I'm going back to my shawl and movie now.

Enjoy your Sunday, and happy knitting!


  1. I'm so out of date. I saw one (the first, are there more?) LoftheR movie and I liked it. your shawl looks lovely already, even unblocked. Very nice for a wedding shawl!
    I've never had a less crafty weekend then this one in the last 3 years! It was all about the dogs. :o)

  2. The shawl is beautiful already!

  3. Welcome back. I missed your updates.