March 07, 2014

Knitting Strikes Back

I'm sure you know what it's like to have knitting backfire.  Everything is going along just fine and then poof it all goes to heck in a hand basket.

The Stitch Surfer sock is a fairly straight forward pattern, especially if I trust the pattern as written and disregard what my eyes are seeing.

My first attempt with Wondering Wool ended up with socks that were two colors of gray and not what I want in a pair of socks (although considering attempt #2 they might start to look better to me):

So I tried another pairing, but that all went wrong too.

Strike 1: I made a silly mistake and tried to fix it.
Strike 2: After knitting 'backwards' for many rows, I couldn't find my mistake.
Strike 3: There won't be enough yarn to make the second sock. Dang!

So, for now the Stitch Surfer in in time out.

Now with the socks on hold for the time being, I resorted to another crafty 'sport' that rarely, if ever, hurts my feelings.  Spinning.

Thanks to She Spins I have some lovely punta to spin.  One bobbin all spun up, one more to go.

The colors are so pretty and spinning it gave me so much peace of mind, and I didn't lose my place when the mailman showed up, or when the phone rang, and I even cooked dinner.

I had time to admire my new acquisitions from The Silver Shed:

And a sample pack from Greenwood Fiberworks:

Now I'll have a moment to think, consider my options carefully, and move forward,  Until then, I will spin until I figure it out.

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