January 07, 2014

Sizzle to Fizzle

In my head my new year resolutions are easily attainable.  Three sweaters for myself, two hats, 15 pairs of socks, spin 52 skeins of yarn and still do my holiday knitting in the 12 months of 2014.  As long as I don't get sidetracked by, say, laundry or cooking dinner, I can get it all done.

That said, the year started off on a good note.  I have ten skeins of Valley Yarn Northfield in purple haze in stash and on January 1, I cast on the Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers.  I knit every day for four days and then I lost steam, but I got pretty far before I took a break:

Taking a break is good, as long as you intend to go back to the task at hand.  And I will.

Sidetrack - But I wanted to make the Barley hat by Tin Can Knits too - while it's still cold outside and my nephew can still wear it.  Having a winter hat during winter - especially considering how cold it is around here - is good.  So I cast on with my Masham hand spun and knit, then I was ready to decrease and bind off when I realized that my US #8 needles are gone.

I'll pick up the needles I need at Vogue Knitting Live, if they have needles there.  If not, I'll order some.  No problem.

Sidetrack - Now, instead of going back to the sweater, I decided that a quick crochet potholder would be quick to finish and give me some satisfaction.  I haven't held a crochet hook in years!  I found some Sugar and Cream cotton that I bought years ago to make dish towels with and cast on:

Ouch!  Crochet hurts!

Sidetrack - So, I went back to the socks I started last month: Cable Rib Socks by Erika Alexander:

Nice sock, nice design element -

but I think I might be playing yarn 'chicken' because the first sock is so big I'm worried about having enough yarn for the second sock.  Yikes!  Instead of stressing out, I just put the sock down.

Sidetrack - So, off I went to use my new-ish Turkish spindle, and spin this quarter of an ounce of fiber from Into the Whirled (one of a kind superwash merino):

Score!  I was able to finish.  Talk about a small victory, but a victory all the same.  It might be 10 yards after plying, but it's finished - almost.

Do you see a pattern here?  It's January and I'm already off track.  This doesn't bode well for me at all!


  1. Your post made me laugh. It's so easy to get sidetracked and I feel your pain. One of the problems for me is summer. It's so hot that I can't bear to touch yarn.

    So...are you going to work on the sweater now? :-)

    1. Yes, I'm going back to the sweater before I forget where I am on it.

  2. Sharon , love your blog! A great start to a new year ! Seems to me with all these new projects on your resolution list, well you need some new project bags..LOL! Best of luck with your blog and look forward to your next post! SQUIRREL!