April 21, 2012


Things are going my way with the Tappan Zee sweater.

I got my math issues under control, thank goodness, and the Mother's Day sweater is coming right along.  I've never been on time with any projects and my mother would tell you that this sweater is long overdue, but since she doesn't know it's coming I think she will be pleasantly surprised.

This whole project started with four skeins of  Elsabeth Lavold silky wool in citron:

 Sadly, I do not like this yarn.  It is not soft, it's textured with silk bits that look like dandruff, and every skein had a knot in it:

I trudged on easily and (after I got past the bit where I had to figure out the math) the pattern is easy to understand and very well written.  Thank goodness.

Now that I'm more than halfway done, the only thing I have to worry about is buttons.  I've been all over the net looking for suitable ones, but so far nothing has caught my fancy.  Outside of M&J Trimming, where else is there to look?  I need an internet suggestion so if anyone out there will direct me, that would be helpful.  Anyone?  I need something to compliment this:

Because of the color of the sweater, I'd like a shank button with a yellow/green something on it.  Unfortunately, I won't have time for button drama and I may end up with wooden buttons which would be organic ... just not necessarily what I'm hoping for.

Hopefully the next time you see this sweater it will be finished and ready for the gift box.

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  1. Have you tried to find buttons on Etsy? I saw really beautiful ones there. I don't like silk blend yarns very much, they are rarely soft, and have smell sometimes. Pooh for knots in every skein!