April 18, 2012


I’ve learned that if you write the numbers in question very large on a piece of clean paper, ask someone for help then speak in a voice louder than you would usually use (in case that person doesn’t know math AND is hard of hearing) and spend 50% of your time NOT listening to what they say, that the cosmos will intervene out of annoyance and give you the right answer.

~Sharon, 2012

OK, so I was knitting along on Tappan Zee when I got to what should be the easy part, the bottom of the sweater, which is all stockinette stitch.  Heck, I can do stockinette stitch with my eyes closed while eating donuts.  I'm on my way to closing the deal, right?


At some point in every pattern I've ever worked on, I get to the part that involves math.  For most of the patterns I choose, the designer does the math for me which is the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. 

But every once in a while I'll fall in love with something that requires a little more work, at which point I have to decide if I want to do the work or flee in horror.  I normally do the latter.

So here's the problem, according to what I've done so far, and I do have the required 327 stitches on my needle, here's what comes next:

Next Row [WS]: K5, P46, BO63 sts purlwise, K until there are 99 stitches on the needle after bound off sts, BO63 sts purlwise, purl to marker, K5. 

Purl until there are 99 stitches on the needle after the bound off stitches (back)

That count does not include the 5 edge stitches, so that means I should have 99 stitches + 5 stitches = 104 stitches.  Just saying.

Thank you, Marcia.

* as it relates to the size I'm making

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