July 05, 2010

Tour de Fleece

Well, don't say you haven't been warned!  For the next few weeks this is going to be a spinning blog and maybe a little bit of a knit blog too since I'm working on a shawl, and a pair of socks.

Day 1: choose your fiber: some lovely BFL from Sock Pixie called Lady in White.  Let me just say that Sock Pixie has the most beautiful colors and the fibers are so clean and beautiful that I keep them around just to look at.  Her fibers never disappoint - ever.  Thanks Sock Pixie!

Then separate fiber at top speed because day 1 determines my pace for the rest of the race:

Pre-draft fiber so it spins up faster:

Then spin it up as best as you can because it's now 9p and you don't have much time before the photo has to be put up on Ravelry for prizes.  When that was done, I plied it up:

That's the photo that was put up on Ravelry, but in real time, I managed to get it plied, bathed and now it's hanging outside to dry (if a bird or squirrel hasn't gotten to it):

So there you have it.  Day 1 and from then to now, I've spun 3 more bobbins of fiber in this blazing heat and humidity.  Once the skein is up, I'll determine if it's gift-worthy and if so, it'll be gifted to someone who will leave a comment on this blog.

There's just one disclaimer: I have a cat, and while I don't believe she rolled around on it, and though it's been washed, if you're allergic, you shouldn't want this skein or any of my skeins.

When you see the skein pictured - that's when the counting begins.


  1. Look how lovely this turned out! I love Sockpixie's fiber too! Wow, you really get a lot of spinning done! Isn't it too hot to spin? We had 44C including humidity today, and it's going to be like that the whole week!

  2. Oh, it is so nice to see a fiber I dyed spun up. It makes me want to rush to my little studio and dye rovings! Thanks, you made my day!Your spinning is beautiful.

  3. I can't wait to see you. That's my comment! Have you started counting down? you better not because I'm not. I actually am dreading coming back, but looking forward to knitting again. Keep up the good work on the spinning!!!