July 07, 2010

Heat Wave!

It's steaming hot here in New York City today, but I did not let that deter me from my goal - spinning.  We're only up to day 4 and the race ends on July 25th, so I've got a long way to go.

In spite of the heat, I managed to 'whip up' my first skein of yarn and it is gift worthy which means that this skein will go to one lucky reader of my blog.  Since I have 5 followers, the person that leaves the 5th comment gets the yarn.

Here are the rules and disclaimers:
You may leave only one comment.  I have a cat, so if you are allergic try not to be the fifth person to leave a comment, but by all means leave a comment.  Mrs. Sock Pixie, I'm sure you don't want your fiber back, so please feel free to leave a comment (I love hearing from you), but try not to win.  Lastly, this is a one and only skein, the fiber is gone, so I can't get you any more of it.   OK, I'm done. 

This is from day one of the race and while it's not perfect, it's darned good and usable yarn.

This is one skein of BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) from Sock Pixie in the Lady in White colorway.  It's about 150 yards (14 wpi) of buttery softness.

There are no knots in the yarn, and my Navajo plying could use some work.  It's not perfectly even like machine plied yarn that you see in the store either - it has character.  Still I see a nice little neck warmer or maybe a 'fake isle' hat. 

This yarn is going to bleed a little, so hand wash only and for goodness sakes, don't put this yarn in the dryer!

Good luck!

A ery special thank you to Mrs. Sock Pixie for providing the fiber in such pretty colors, and for making this fiber a joy to spin.


  1. Ok, I made sure to post a comment first so that I would not win. You yarn is beautiful and there will soon be a very happy knitter! I can hardly wait to see what you spin next. It has been steaming hot here as well. I am supposed to spin some plain black yarn to ply with my 4th of July yarn. Your pictures are giving me the inspiration I need.
    Happy spinning!

  2. I'm in the Tour too and I must say your first yarn looks nice and squishy (just like I like 'em). Too bad I didn't win the contest but this makes me want to spin up some BFL of my own.

  3. I'll chime in and forego my chance to win this batch in the hopes that there is another batch with colors more suited to me coming up!

  4. I can't hold out anymore and I know being the fourth to comment makes me a loser (but only in your contest....overall I'm a winner in the game of LIFE!). Wanted to let you know the yarn you spun is SO PRETTY! Love the colors. I hope you have another contest that I can potentially win, and then pick up my winnings in person when I return to work on the 19th (boo hoo!). Keep the spinning updates coming. I love seeing them!

  5. I'm the fifth commenter? YEAH. I can't wait to meet you Sharon V. Mommy tells me all about you and your adventure in Knitting. Take care of mommy when she comes back to work, OK? Love you! Love, Remy Grace