June 03, 2010

Pictures Pending

I know ... it's been awhile. 

I've been meaning to write - and I even wrote a draft of what I wanted to say today, but somehow I never seemed to get to it.  That. is. so. wrong.  because, in spite of the fact that I don't make a daily entry, I expect everyone else on my blogroll to have one, for my reading pleasure, of course.  Sheesh!  That's about the most selfish ...

Anyway ...

What I intended to do was show the shawl I finished, Tilia, but I can't find my memory card.  I know where to look, I just haven't had a moment to look.  Honestly. 

I can tell you that I screwed up the bind off because I didn't read the directions.  Doh!  Ya can't tell me anything because I know what I'm doing.  Yeh, right.

And there were the socks I finished and wasn't impressed with and so I ripped them out.  And the spinning I did and didn't talk about.  I have pictures of that.

It would have been nice, as well, to share pictures of the two baby sweaters I'm working on and thought I'd be finished with by now.  Just know this, any knitting to-do list that starts with "Finish", is a neon sign to the knitting gods that you want to be treated badly.

I did manage to work on my new shawl, Cascata.  It's going crazy fast, and even though I didn't take any pictures of it at the halfway mark (I'm past that now), I will have something to show ... as soon as I find my memory card.

Meanwhile, I won't talk you to death because a blog with no pictures is merely taking up your time.  So, I'll be back ...

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